Specific objectives

  • Development, upon the available R&D studies carried on by Università degli Studi di Padova, of one small-scale industrial plant to integrate the extraction process of grape seed proteins into a tannin extraction process already present in CAVIRO company to obtain a final product that can be firstly applied as fining agent for wine industry.
  • Reduction of the overall environmental burden / footprint of winemaking process in the transition from traditionally-used protein gelatin of animal origin and protein extracts from food crops to grape seed proteins. In specific, the goal is to find the optimal balance between high-quality protein contents and resources used in the extractions (water, energy, chemicals, etc.).
  • Replication of the circular business model experienced by CAVIRO at larger European scale to demonstrate that the technology/approach for proteins extraction and revalorization is – upon certain conditions disclosed by the project - technically feasible and economically sustainable by most of the European winemakers, environmentally less impacting than animal-base proteins clarification process and - overall – in line with healthy and sustainable dietary patterns streamlined by the Farm-to-Fork strategy. 
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